Density of photochemical reaction centres in a sun adapted or acclimated plant

Value 5 nmol/m^2
Organism Plants
Reference John A. Raven Functional evolution of photochemical energy transformations in oxygen-producing organisms, Functional Plant Biology, 2009, 36, 505–515 p.511 left column bottom paragraph
Primary Source Raven JA (1984) ‘Energetics and transport in aquatic plants.’ (A. R. Liss: New York) Chapter 2
Comments There is a much greater density per unit membrane area of photochemical reaction centres in an ion-pumping rhodopsin ‘purple membrane’ (~270 nmol/m^2, 135 nmol/m^2 if half of the membrane is purple membrane, allowing room for F0F1-type ATP synthetases, respiratory enzymes and solute transporters), than in the thylakoid membrane of an oxygenic phototroph (~5 nmol/m^2 for each photosystem for a sun-adapted or acclimated vascular plant). See BNID 105044
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