Light saturated specific reaction rate of overall photochemical reaction for non cyclic electron transport

Value 300 Sec^-1 Range: Table - link Sec^-1
Organism Unspecified
Reference John A. Raven Functional evolution of photochemical energy transformations in oxygen-producing organisms, Functional Plant Biology, 2009, 36, 505–515 p.511 right column 2nd paragraph and table 1
Primary Source Falkowski PG, Raven JA (2007) ‘Aquatic photosynthesis, 2nd edn’. (Princeton University Press: Princeton)
Comments The light-saturated specific reaction rate of the overall reaction is ~7 s^-1 for the rhodopsin H+ pump (Tsunoda et al. 2006 Miranda et al. 2008), BNID 105050, and ~300 s^-1 for non-cyclic electron transport with associated proton pumps, expressed in terms of PSII reaction centres (Falkowski and Raven 2007).
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ID 105051