Percent of total soluble protein that is Rubisco in C3 plants

Range 25-60 %
Organism Plants
Reference Ku MSB, Schmitt MR, Edwards GE. Quantitative determination of RuBP carboxylase–oxygenase protein in leaves of several C3 and C4 plants. 1979. J Exp Bot 30:89–98 abstract, p.91 table 1 & p.92 bottom paragraph
Method immunochemical assay using antibodies which were raised against a tobacco leaf Rubisco
Comments "The C3 species had 3- to 6-fold higher concentrations of RuBP carboxylase-oxygenase than the C4 species when expressed on either a chlorophyll or a leaf area basis. The C3 species also allocated a higher fraction of their total soluble protein to this enzyme (from 25 to 60% for the C3 species compared to 8 to 23% for the C4 species)." "The C3 species also had a higher fraction of their total soluble protein allocated to RuBPCase, from 25 to 59% for the C3 species as compared to from 8 to 23% for the C4 species." This is a large range, and is based on values from different species. See reference for more details. A recent review by Feller et al. (J Exp Bot. 59(7):1615-24) stated the number as "up to 50%". For value of 30% see Piques et al, 2009 PMID 19888209 p.1 right column top paragraph
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