Percent of total leaf nitrogen contained in Rubisco in C4 plants

Range 5-9 %
Organism Plants
Reference Feller, Urs et al. Rubiscolytics: fate of Rubisco after its enzymatic function in a cell is terminated. 2008. J Exp Botany. 59(7) pp.1615-1624 p.1615 right column bottom paragraphPubMed ID17975207
Primary Source Sage RF, Pearcy RW, Seemann JR. 1987. The nitrogen use efficiency of C3 and C4 plants. III. Leaf nitrogen effects on the activity of carboxylating enzymes in Chenopodium album (L.) and Amaranthus retroflexus (L.). Plant Physiology 85, 355–359. & Makino A, Sakuma H, Sudo E, Mae T. 2003. Differences between maize and rice in N-use efficiency for photosynthesis and protein allocation. Plant and Cell Physiology 44, 952–956.PubMed ID16665701, 14519777
Comments "In leaves of C4 plants, Rubisco still contributes 30% to the soluble proteins (BNID 110003) and 5–9% of total leaf nitrogen (primary sources)."
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