Number of proteins involved in bacteriophage T4 head biogenesis

Value 4356 proteins
Organism Bacteriophage T4
Reference Mesyanzhinov, V. V., Leiman, P. G., Kostyuchenko, V. A., Kurochkina, L. P., Miroshnikov, K. A., Sykilinda, N. N., & Shneider, M. M. (2004). Molecular architecture of bacteriophage T4. Biochemistry(Mosc), 69(11), 1190–1202. p.1191 table 1PubMed ID15627372
Comments A sum of the proteins composing the prohead or head. From the contributor (Ohad):"The value [contributor] was looking for was the proteins needed to make one T4 head unit. In the head biogenesis first a prohead is formed then some of the proteins are removed ( i.e gp 68) or cleaved (i.e gp 23) making room for the DNA and other proteins join the structure (soc and hoc). The number [he] added is the prohead protein copy number (3356) plus the soc (840) and hoc (160) protein copy number. [He] thinks this number represents the cost of producing a head in units of proteins."
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