Dimensions of T4 capsid head

Range 111 х 78 nm
Organism Bacteriophages T2 and T4
Reference Ackermann HW, Krisch HM. A catalogue of T4-type bacteriophages. Arch Virol. 1997 142(12):2329-45 p.2330 3rd paragraphPubMed ID9672598
Primary Source Luftig RB. Further studies on the dimensions of viral and protein structures using the catalase crystal internal marker technique. J Ultrastruct Res. 1968 Apr23(1):178-81PubMed ID5670839
Method Using catalase crystals for calibration [Luftig 1968, Primary source], the dimensions of T4 heads and tails were determined to be 111?78 nm and 113?18 nm respectively (averages of 20 measurements of uranyl acetate- or phosphotungstate-stained particles). These values are in good agreement with the average of the phage dimensions reported in Table 1 in ref, Ackermann et al.
Comments T4-type phages are frequently associated with Escherichia coli and its close relatives, the genera Klebsiella and Shigella they are less frequent in other branches of the enterobacterial family such as Salmonella or Proteus.
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