Lymphocyte traffic through the blood

Value 2 % of all lymphocytes Range: (5×10^11 lymphocytes) figure - link % of all lymphocytes
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Westermann J, Pabst R. Distribution of lymphocyte subsets and natural killer cells in the human body. Clin Investig. 1992 Jul70(7):539-44. p.541 figure 2 & right column top paragraph & p.542 left column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID1392422
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Method Abstract:"...reports on the frequencies and the absolute numbers of B and T lymphocyte subsets within various human tissues and fluids have been collected from a wide variety of journals and are briefly summarized here."
Comments Caption to fig. 2:"Comparison of the size of different lymphoid organs in a young adult drawn from data in [ref 58]. The number of lymphocytes within the different organs are indicated. The size of the rectangles corresponds to the number of lymphocytes contained by the respective organ. The circle represents the number of lymphocytes migrating through the blood each day [ref 40]. Although the blood contains only a very small number of lymphocytes, each day about 500×10^9 lymphocytes travel through it, which is approximately the same as the number of lymphocytes contained within the whole human body (the area of all rectangles equals that of the circle)" p.541 right column top paragraph:"The blood contains very few lymphocytes, only about 2% of the total lymphocyte pool." p.542 left column 2nd paragraph:"Although the blood contains only 2% of all lymphocytes, in the human body it is the most frequently used compartment for defining lymphocyte subsets, probably because it is easily accessible."
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