Quantitative data on number, weight or size of lymphoid organs in normal young adult man

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Trepel F (1974) Number and distribution of lymphocytes in man. A critical analysis. Klin Wochenschrift 52: 511–515. p.512 table 2PubMed ID4853392
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Comments P.512 left column bottom paragraph: "There are two kinds of information available concerning lymphocyte content of lymphoid organs in normal man: 1. calculations of lymphocyte numbers on the basis of relative lymphocyte counts in the organ or compartment under study and the known volume or size of the organ and compartment. This is the case with the determination of the lymphocyte number in the blood and bone marrow. 2. specifications of the weight or volume of lymphoid organs or organ structures. Data of this type are compiled in Table 2. This kind of quantitative description of special parts of the lymphoid tissue has been done very precisely in several hundred of healthy young people having died suddenly by violence."
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