Size of 'replication factory'-foci in nucleus where replication takes place

Range 0.5-1 μm
Organism Vertebrates
Reference Kitamura E, Blow JJ, Tanaka TU. Live-cell imaging reveals replication of individual replicons in eukaryotic replication factories. Cell. 2006 Jun 30 125(7):1297-308 p.1305 right column 4th paragraphPubMed ID16814716
Primary Source S. Somanathan, T.M. Suchyna, A.J. Siegel and R. Berezney, Targeting of PCNA to sites of DNA replication in the mammalian cell nucleus, J. Cell. Biochem. 81 (2001), pp. 56–67PubMed ID11180397
Comments During DNA replication in vertebrate cells, replisome components such as PCNA and DNA polymerases assemble into dozens of globular foci called replication factories in the nucleus, and it has been shown that new DNA replication takes place within these replication factories
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