Burst size

Range >3,000 virions
Organism Bacteriophage N4
Reference Schito, G. C. (1974). Dvelopment of coliphage N4: ultrastructural studies. Journal of Virology, 13(1), 186–196. abstractPubMed ID4129839
Method P.186 left column 2nd paragraph: "Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to illustrate some of the basic properties of N4 development as assessed by biological, optical, and electron-optical methods."
Comments Abstract:"N4r+-infected bacteria are lysis inhibited in mass culture, burst asynchronously starting 180 min postinfection, and release over 3,000 phage per cell." P.195 left column 3rd paragraph:"Crystalline arrays of N4 virions are observed in about 10% of the cells 180 min postinfection, a frequency somewhat higher than that previously reported (ref 21). At this time there is an average of over 3,000 physical particles per cell."
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