Burst size in lymphoid memory T cell (in vitro)

Range 570 after 1.5 days of culture: 780 after 3.5 days virions/cell
Organism HIV
Reference Eckstein DA, Penn ML, Korin YD, Scripture-Adams DD, Zack JA, Kreisberg JF, Roederer M, Sherman MP, Chin PS, Goldsmith MA. HIV-1 actively replicates in naive CD4(+) T cells residing within human lymphoid tissues. Immunity. 2001 Oct15(4):671-82. p.678 fig.6b,dPubMed ID11672548
Method Values extracted manually from figure. Researchers employed a modified culture method, termed human lymphoid aggregate culture (HLAC), which offers added experimental flexibility while preserving the biology of human lymphoid tissue. Calculated by quantitating viral p24 proteins.
Comments Cells isolated from tonsil cultures. See BNID 105872. For burst size of 12-330virions/burst in various cells in vitro see Dmitrov 1993 PMID 8445728 table 2 p. 2188.
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ID 105871