Diameter of DNA double helix

Value 20.4 Å
Organism Generic
Reference Mandelkern M, Elias JG, Eden D, Crothers DM. The dimensions of DNA in solution. J Mol Biol. 1981 Oct 15 152(1):153-61. p.158 top sentencePubMed ID7338906
Primary Source Arnott S, Hukins DW. Optimised parameters for A-DNA and B-DNA. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1972 Jun 28 47(6):1504-9.PubMed ID5040245
Method (Primary source): DNA fiber diffraction data obtained by X ray crystallography
Comments P.157 bottom line: "Since the fiber diffraction data give a diameter of 20.4Å (primary source), a range from 22 to 26Å is reasonable for the hydrodynamic diameter. which is expected to include a hydration shell." B form DNA, the most common one. See hydrodynamic diameter of DNA B 22-26 Å, BNID 100666, BNID 100667
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