Mean linear red cell velocity for the temporalis muscle in 34 arterioles and precapillaries not more than 5 µm in luminal diameter

Value 2.43 mm/sec Range: ±0.08 mm/sec
Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Ivanov, K., Kalinina, M. and Levkovich, Y. (1981). Blood flow velocity in capillaries of brain and muscles and its physiological significance. Microvascular Research, 22(2), pp.143-155 link abstract, p.149 3rd paragraph & p.152 one paragraph above bottom
Method Abstract: "Intravital microfilming by means of a dark-field contact epiobjective was used for measuring capillary blood flow velocity in the brain and skeletal muscles of the rat. The linear flow rate in capillaries was determined by measuring the rate of motion of plasma-filled “gaps” in the continuous erythrocyte flow."
Comments Abstract: "In the temporalis muscle the velocity was equal to 1.14±0.04 mm/sec in 123 capillaries and 2.43±0.08 mm/sec in 34 arterioles and precapillaries not more than 5 µm in luminal diameter." P.149 3rd paragraph: "[Investigators] examined 34 such vessels. The average velocity of blood flow was 2.43±0.08 mm/sec, or twice as high as that observed in capillaries (Fig. 5B). One vessel is shown in Fig. 6." P.152 one paragraph above bottom: "The mean velocity of 2.43±0.08 mm/sec, measured in the temporalis terminal arterioles and precapillaries (lumen of 3-6µm) is similar to the mean velocity of 3.8±1.0 mm/sec in cat tenuissimus precapillaries (9µm) reported by Fronek and Zweifach (1977)."
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