Permeability (Lp) values (m/s/Pa) for various micro-algae

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Organism Algae
Reference John A Raven. The energetics of freshwater algae energy requirements for biosynthesis and volume regulation, New Phytologist, Volume 92, Issue 1 September 1982 Pages 1–20 DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.1982.tb03358.x p.8 table 3
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Comments P.8 3rd paragraph: "[Investigators] assume an internal osmolarity for a Chlamydomonas-type flagellate of 85 osmol m^-3 (i.e. a typical rather than a minimal value: see Raven, 1974, 1976, 1980). With an external osmolarity of 2 osmol m^-3 (cf. Bowen, 1979) the driving force for water entry is 0.2 MPa. With an Lp value of 10^-14 m×s^-1×Pa^-1 (cf. Table 3), for a 5 µm radius cell (ignoring the surface area of the flagella cf. Raven, 1980), the water entry rate (Jv) is 6.28×10^-19 m^3/s, and for the 10 µm radius cell, 25.14×10^-19 m^3/s."
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