Mixing time (after which cells lose the memory of their previous protein state)

Range 1 to 2 Hours
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Sigal A et al., Variability and memory of protein levels in human cells. Nature. 2006 Nov 30 444(7119):643-6. p.644 left column top paragraphPubMed ID17122776
Primary Source Austin DW et al., Gene network shaping of inherent noise spectra. Nature. 2006 Feb 2 439(7076):608-11.PubMed ID16452980
Method Researchers used a fluorescent labelling strategy known as CD-tagging, which tags proteins at their endogenous chromosomal locations
Comments Mixing behaviour (Fig. 1a, middle and right) can be characterized by a typical timescale tm, called the mixing time, after which cells lose the memory of their previous protein state. "Recent studies using synthetic protein expression systems in bacteria indicate that cells with high production tend to maintain this for about a cell generation, yielding mixing times on the order of 1–2 h (primary source)"
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