Average coefficient of variation of protein levels for various genes in bacteria and yeast

Range 0.1 to 1.0 Unitless
Organism Various
Reference Sigal A et al., Variability and memory of protein levels in human cells. Nature. 2006 Nov 30 444(7119):643-6. p.644 right column top paragraphPubMed ID17122776
Primary Source Elowitz MB, Levine AJ, Siggia ED, Swain PS. Stochastic gene expression in a single cell. Science. 2002 Aug 16 297(5584):1183-6 AND Pedraza JM, van Oudenaarden A. Noise propagation in gene networks. Science. 2005 Mar 25 307(5717):1965-9 AND Raser JM, O'Shea EK. Control of stochasticity in eukaryotic gene expression. Science. 2004 Jun 18 304(5678):1811-4. AND Volfson D, et al., Origins of extrinsic variability in eukaryotic gene expression. Nature. 2006 Feb 16 439(7078):861-4.PubMed ID12183631, 15790857, 15166317, 16372021
Method Researchers used a fluorescent labelling strategy known as CD-tagging, which tags proteins at their endogenous chromosomal locations
Comments (CV=standard deviation/mean) The CV values (in human cells) were nearly constant throughout the cell cycle and were comparable to those found in bacteria and yeast (0.1–1.0) (primary sources)
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