Collagen diffusivity (Dcol)

Range ≈7.3 µm^2/sec^2
Organism Metazoa animals
Reference Rutenberg AD, Brown AI, Kreplak L. Uniform spatial distribution of collagen fibril radii within tendon implies local activation of pC-collagen at individual fibrils. Phys Biol. 2016 Aug 25 13(4):046008. doi: 10.1088/1478-3975/13/4/046008. p.3 left column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID27559989
Comments P.3 left column 2nd paragraph: "For collagen, with l≈300nm and d≈1.08nm [BNID 112905], [investigators] have p[ratio of length to diameter]≈278. Assuming a dilute suspension of collagen in water at body temperature, with Ƞwater≈0.67cP [BNID 108528], kBT≈4.3pN×nm [BNID 101858], and A̝[tortuosity factor]=0.54, [they] combine equations (5) and (6) to obtain Dcol=D0×A̝≈7.3µm^2/sec^2 (7)."
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