Diameter of virion

Value 855 Angstroms
Organism Virus Mammalian Orthoreovirus
Reference Dryden KA et al. 1993. Early steps in reovirus infection are associated with dramatic changes in supramolecular structure and protein conformation: analysis of virions and subviral particles by cryoelectron microscopy and image reconstruction. J Cell Biol 122:1023–1041. p.1030 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID8394844
Method Abstract: "Three structural forms of type 1 Lang reovirus (virions, intermediate subviral particles [ISVPs], and cores) have been examined by cryoelectron microscopy (cryoEM) and image reconstruction at 27 to 32-A resolution."
Comments P.1030 right column 2nd paragraph: "The maximum diameter of the T1L-V shell is 855Å which compares favorably with the 830-Å dimension obtained by small-angle, x-ray solution scattering (Harvey et al., 1981)."
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