Fraction of labeled heterogeneous nuclear RNA (hnRNA) that enters the cytoplasm

Range mouse L cell 2.1%: rabbit erythroid cell 3.5% (of which globin transcripts represent ≥85%) %
Organism Mammals
Reference Jackson DA, Pombo A, Iborra F. The balance sheet for transcription: an analysis of nuclear RNA metabolism in mammalian cells. FASEB J. 2000 Feb14(2):242-54. p.243 right column 2nd paragraphPubMed ID10657981
Primary Source [28] Brandhorst, B. P., and McConkey, E. H. (1974) Stability of nuclear RNA in mammalian cells. J. Mol. Biol. 85, 451–463 [29] Hunt, J. A. (1976) Ribonucleic acid synthesis in rabbit erythroid cells. Biochem J. 160, 727–744PubMed ID22003578, 1016252
Method "Kinetic analyses of the entry of [3H]adenosine into ATP and RNA establish levels of RNA synthesis within intact cells."
Comments "At the same time, this approach [see measurement method] allows the proportion of labeled RNA entering the cytoplasm to be established. Only 2.1% hnRNA reaches the cytoplasm as mRNA in mouse L cells (primary source 28), similar to the 3.5% seen for rabbit erythroid cells (primary source 29), where globin transcripts represent at least 85% of cytoplasmic mRNA."
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