Relationship between oxygen and glucose metabolism in normal young adult human brain

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Sokoloff L (1996) The metabolism of the central nervous system in vivo. In: Handbook of physiology-neurophysiology (Field J, Magoun HW, Hall VE, eds), pp 1843–1864. Washington, DC: American Physiological Society. p.1849 table 2
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Comments "Comparison of the oxygen and glucose arteriovenous differences reveals one of the unique features of the cerebral metabolism. As shown in table 2, the oxygen and glucose consumptions are 156 and 31 µmole per 100gm per min., respectively. Since 6 moles of oxygen are required for the complete oxidation of 1 mole of glucose, the rate of cerebral oxygen consumption is equivalent to only 26 µmole of glucose per 100 gm per min. Five µmole per 100 gm per min., or about 16 per cent of the total glucose consumption, remain unoxidized." See notes beneath table
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