Human cerebral metabolic rate in various abnormal states associated with impaired mental function

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Sokoloff L (1996) The metabolism of the central nervous system in vivo. In: Handbook of physiology-neurophysiology (Field J, Magoun HW, Hall VE, eds), pp 1843–1864. Washington, DC: American Physiological Society. p.1854 table 3
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Comments "Much of our present knowledge of the metabolism of the central nervous system is derived from observations in functionally abnormal states, and many of these observations have been made in man. In table 3 are tabulated some of the results obtained in studies of the human cerebral metabolic rate in various pathological states, some occurring spontaneously, others artificially induced by pharmacological agents. All are characterized by clear evidence of mental and, therefore, cerebral dysfunction. It can be seen that those conditions which exhibit alterations in cerebral metabolic rate can be readily classified according to the general nature of the cerebral metabolic defect." See note beneath table
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