Range of protein molecular masses

Range 1.59 to 248 kDa
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Lopez-Campistrous et al., Localization, annotation, and comparison of the Escherichia coli K-12 proteome under two states of growth. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2005 Aug4(8):1205-9. p.1205 right column top paragraphPubMed ID15911532
Primary Source Bjellqvist, B., Hughes, G. J., Pasquali, C., Paquet, N., Ravier, F., Sanchez, J.-C., Frutiger, S., and Hochstrasser, D. F. (1993) The focusing positions of polypeptides in immobilized pH gradients can be predicted from their amino acid sequences. Electrophoresis 14, 1023–1031 AND Bjellqvist, B., Basse, B., Olsen, E., and Celis, J. E. (1994) Reference points for comparisons of two-dimensional maps of proteins from different human cell types defined in a pH scale where isoelectric points correlate with polypeptide compositions. Electrophoresis 15, 529–539 AND Wilkins, M. R., Gasteiger, E., Bairoch, A., Sanchez, J.-C., Williams, K. L., Appel, R. D., and Hochstrasser, D. F. (1998) Protein Identification and Analysis Tools in the ExPASy Server. 2-D Proteome Analysis Protocols (Link, A. J., ed) pp. 531–552, Humana Press, Totowa, NJPubMed ID8125050, 8055880
Comments "The proteome of an E. coli cell is estimated to have 4,285 proteins (5) with pI values ranging from 3.38 to 13.0 and molecular masses between 1.59 to 248 kDa (primary sources)."
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