Number of replication Oris activated at each cell division in human and mouse

Value 30000 Origins of replication
Organism Mammals
Reference Cayrou C et al., Genome-scale analysis of metazoan replication origins reveals their organization in specific but flexible sites defined by conserved features. Genome Res. 2011 Sep21(9):1438-49 p.1438 left columnPubMed ID21750104
Method (Abstract:) "[Investigators] characterized Oris by nascent strand (NS) purification and a genome-wide analysis in Drosophila and mouse cells."
Comments "In metazoans, DNA replication is initiated at thousands of chromosomal sites during each S phase. These DNA replication origins (Oris) should be activated only once at each cell cycle to avoid any amplification and maintain genome integrity. This is an important task in human or mouse cells, where 30,000 replication Oris are activated at each cell division."
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