Mutation rate per base pair per generation

Value 2.5E-08 Mutation/bp/generation
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Nachman MW, Crowell SL. Estimate of the mutation rate per nucleotide in humans. Genetics. 2000 Sep156(1):297-304. abstract & p.301 left column 2nd paragraph & table 4PubMed ID10978293
Method P.297 right column bottom paragraph: "[Researchers] sequenced 18 processed pseudogenes in humans and chimpanzees, including 12 on autosomes and 6 on the X chromosome."
Comments Abstract: "The average mutation rate was estimated to be approximately 2.5×10^-8 mutations per nucleotide site or 175 mutations per diploid genome per generation." P.301 left column 2nd paragraph: "[Researchers] suggest that 2.5×10^-8 is a reasonable estimate of the average mutation rate per nucleotide site (but caution that the actual rate may be between 1.3×10^-8 and 3.4×10^-8). The human diploid genome contains 7×10^9 bp (Marshall 1999) and thus ~175 new mutations per generation (range 91–238)." Note that this value is for sexual generation. See BNID 105095 for rate of 5×10^-11 mutations/base pair/replication, BNID 100417. There is a 3 order of magnitude difference between mutation/bp/replication and mutation/bp/sexual generation as that is the number of cell divisions prior to sperm formation (there are ~400 cell divisions in a male of age 30 (Drost and Lee 1995 Vogel and Motulsky 1997)). For mutation per base pair per replication in E. coli see BNID 100263. See BNID 105813
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