Replication rate of mitochondrial DNA in vivo

Range ~270 base pairs/min
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Clayton DA. Replication of animal mitochondrial DNA. Cell. 1982 Apr 28 (4):693-705 p.695 left column 1st paragraphPubMed ID6178513
Comments "The synthesis of full-length daughter strands requires approximately 1 hr, and the entire cycle is completed in approximately 2 hr. This means that the overall rate of polymerization is only ~270 nucleotides per minute per strand, one of the slowest in vivo DNA-replication rates reported to date. In contrast, Escherichia coli DNA is replicated at ~200 times this rate (Kornberg, 1980 and see BNID 102052). It is conceivable that this unimpressive rate of strand elongation is related to the fact that the inner matrix of the mitochondrial organelle is very dehydrated (Hackenbrock, 1968)." For replication rate of 3bp/sec in vitro see BNID 104929, 105371
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