Ratio of relative viscosities (translational diffusion viscousity/rotational diffusion viscousity) for GFP

Value 2.1 unitless Range: ±0.3 unitless
Organism Chinese hamster ovary (CHO)
Reference McGuffee SR, Elcock AH. Diffusion, crowding & protein stability in a dynamic molecular model of the bacterial cytoplasm. PLoS Comput Biol. 2010 Mar 5 6(3):e1000694. p.5 right column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID20221255
Primary Source Swaminathan R, Hoang CP, Verkman AS. Photobleaching recovery and anisotropy decay of green fluorescent protein GFP-S65T in solution and cells: cytoplasmic viscosity probed by green fluorescent protein translational and rotational diffusion. Biophys J. 1997 Apr72(4):1900-7.PubMed ID9083693
Comments "...the value of ?rel T/?rel R of 2.1±0.3 [was] reported for GFP in Chinese hamster ovary cells [primary source] the lower value obtained ... is consistent with the lower macromolecular concentration of the mammalian cytoplasm relative to that of E. coli."
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