Calculated rate of cell production by pre-B cell

Range ~0.5e+8 B cells/whole bone marrow/day
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Opstelten D, Osmond DG. Pre-B cells in mouse bone marrow: immunofluorescence stathmokinetic studies of the proliferation of cytoplasmic mu-chain-bearing cells in normal mice. J Immunol. 1983 Dec131(6):2635-40. p.2638 table 4PubMed ID6417229
Method A technique that combines metaphase arrest with immunofluorescence labeling
Comments The calculated rate of cell production by pre-B cells totals 0.5x10^8 cells/day (Table IV), representing the potential for the marrow to contribute a continuous supply of newly formed primary B cells to the immune system in the normal steady state
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