Fraction of DNA in the top 1 cm layer of deep-sea sediments that is extracellular

Value 90 %
Organism Biosphere
Reference Dell'Anno A, Danovaro R. Extracellular DNA plays a key role in deep-sea ecosystem functioning. Science. 2005 Sep 30 309(5744):2179. p.2179 left column 2nd paragraph and supplementary online material p.7-8 table S1PubMed ID16195451
Method The analysis of total DNA content in the sediment was carried out by diphenylamine assays or HPLC measurements, accurately inter-calibrated (Dell'Anno et al. 1998 PMID 9726866). Researchers first estimated the extracellular DNA fraction by calculating the difference between total DNA and the DNA within living biomass, determined by synoptic determinations on virus, prokaryote, unicellular eukaryote (protozoan), and small metazoan (meiofauna) abundances. They then supported their findings as described in BNID 105855
Comments Worldwide. See BNID 105854
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