DNA concentration in the top 1 cm layer of deep-sea sediments worldwide

Value 0.31 g DNA/m^2 Range: ±0.18 g DNA/m^2
Organism Biosphere
Reference Dell'Anno A, Danovaro R. Extracellular DNA plays a key role in deep-sea ecosystem functioning. Science. 2005 Sep 30 309(5744):2179. p.2179 left column 2nd paragraph and supplementary online material p.7-8 table S1PubMed ID16195451
Method The analysis of total DNA content in the sediment was carried out by diphenylamine assays or HPLC measurements, accurately inter-calibrated (Dell'Anno et al. 1998 PMID 9726866).
Comments This seems to be the mean of 5th column from left (g DNA/m^2) in table S1. See BNID 105855, 105856
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