Plasmid copy number of pC194 plasmid

Value 100 copies per chromosome
Organism Bacteria Bacillus cereus
Reference Turgeon N, Laflamme C, Ho J, Duchaine C. Evaluation of the plasmid copy number in B. cereus spores, during germination, bacterial growth and sporulation using real-time PCR. Plasmid. 2008 Sep60(2):118-24.PubMed ID18582938
Method Plasmids were introduced into B. cereus ATCC14579 strain using the previously described electroporation protocol (Turgeon et al., 2006). All Bacillus strains were grown at 30 °C, 225 rpm in trypticase soy broth (TSB) (Difco Laboratories, Detroit, MI) or on trypticase soy agar (TSA) (Difco Laboratories). PCN normalized with the 16S gene copy number.
Comments The plasmid pC194 utilizes rolling circle replication mechanism of group III according to the Osborn classification (Osborn, 1999 Osborn, M., 1999. Database of plasmid replicons (DPR). [On line]. link)
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