Number of hydrogen bonds a water molecule forms in bulk

Value 3.6 Unitless
Organism Generic
Reference Thompson H, Soper AK, Ricci MA, Bruni F, Skipper NT. The three-dimensional structure of water confined in nanoporous vycor glass. J Phys Chem B. 2007 May 24111(20):5610-20.PubMed ID17472364
Method a well characterized vycor glass, which contains a random network of pores of diameter 40 ± 5 Å^2 was studied. The structure of vycor is similar to bulk silica glass, with silicon atoms 4-fold coordinated to oxygen atoms. The surface of the pore is hydrophilic, consisting of acidic OH groups. As a result, water interacts strongly with the substrate surface, and both the thermodynamics and molecular motions are significantly different from those in the bulk.
Comments There is an appreciable decrease in the hydrogen-bonding upon confinement, irrespective of pore shape. In confinement only ~2.2 hydrogen bonds per water molecule are formed
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