Fast and slow axonal transport

Range fast anterograde 250–400 mm/day: slow ~1 mm/day mm/day
Organism Mammals
Reference Scott T. Brady, George J. Siegel, R. Wayne Albers and Donald L. Price, editors, Basic Neurochemistry (Eighth Edition) Principles of Molecular, Cellular, and Medical Neurobiology, 2012 Elsevier, chapter 8 - Axonal Transport, Pages 146-164, Gerardo A. Morfini, Matthew R. Burns, David L. Stenoien, Scott T. Brady, p.148 left column bottom paragraph
Comments P.148 left column bottom paragraph: "At first, emphasis was placed on the characterization of fast and slow axonal transport. The kinetics of axonal transport were analyzed by injection of radiolabeled amino acids into the vitreous of the eye or the dorsal root ganglia (to “label” sensory neurons), or into ventral spinal cord (motor neurons). In the case of fast transport, a wavefront of labeled protein was detected traveling away from the cell body at rates of 250–400 mm/day in mammals. Using this same approach, slow transport rates were shown to approximate 1 mm/day."
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