Dimensions of NPC (nuclear pore complex) central channel

Range width ~7: length 50 nm
Organism Eukaryotes
Reference Mazzanti M, Bustamante JO, Oberleithner H. 2001. Electrical dimension of the nuclear envelope. Physiol. Rev. 81: 1–19 p.1 abstractPubMed ID11152752
Comments "Eukaryotic chromosomes are confined to the nucleus, which is separated from the rest of the cell by two concentric membranes known as the nuclear envelope (NE). The NE is punctuated by holes known as nuclear pore complexes (NPCs), which provide the main pathway for transport of cellular material across the nuclear- cytoplasmic boundary. The single NPC is a complicated octameric structure containing more than 100 proteins called nucleoporins. NPCs function as transport machineries for inorganic ions and macromolecules. The most prominent feature of an individual NPC is a large central channel, ~7 nm in width and 50 nm in length. NPCs exhibit high morphological and functional plasticity, adjusting shape to function."
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