Conduction velocities of impulse between corticospinal tract and brainstem

Range ≤110 m/sec
Organism Monkey
Reference Harvey A. Swadlow and Stephen G. Waxman (2012), Scholarpedia, 7(6):1451., Axonal conduction delays, link 5th paragraph
Primary Source Feldmeyer, D., Lubke, J. and Sakmann, B. Efficacy and connectivity of intracolumnar pairs of layer 2/3 pyramidal cells in the barrel cortex of juvenile rats. J. Physiol., 583-602, 2006.PubMed ID16793907
Comments "...conduction distances within the CNS can be quite long, especially in larger brains and within the spinal cord, and axonal delays can vary greatly. For example, some corticospinal neurons of monkeys generate impulses that require as little as 0.6 ms to reach the brain stem ~ 70 mm away, representing conduction velocities of up to 110 m/s. Such values are as high as any seen [in] the peripheral nervous system."
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