Conduction delays in the mammalian nervous system

Range very short axons <100 µsec: very long non-myelinated central axons >100 ms
Organism Mammals
Reference Harvey A. Swadlow and Stephen G. Waxman (2012), Scholarpedia, 7(6):1451., Axonal conduction delays, link top paragraph
Comments "Axonal conduction delays refer to the time required for an action potential to travel from its initiation site near the neuronal soma to the axon terminals, where synapses are formed with other neurons, muscles or glands. Differences among axons (and their branches) in conduction delays are due to differences in axonal conduction velocity and conduction distance. Conduction delays vary greatly in the mammalian nervous system, from < 100 microseconds in very short axons to > 100 ms in very long non-myelinated central axons."
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