Mitochondrial cellular population

Range 20 - 80 mitochondria /cell
Organism Algae Ochromonas sp.
Reference Peyman Fahimi and Ch ́erif F Matta, On the power per mitochondrion and the number of associated active ATP synthases, Phys Biol. 2021 Jun 1418(4) doi: 10.1088/1478-3975/abf7d9 p.3 table 2PubMed ID33853054
Method P.2 right column top paragraph: "[Researchers] fed the experimental plot of Okie et al. to the GetData graph digitizer(™) [ref 13] software to convert the graphic into a tabular numerical format. This procedure yielded the following fitted empirical formula relating the number of mitochondria in a cell (N) to the cellular volume (V) expressed in μm^3: N = 10^[a(logV+b)], (1) where a ≈ 1.02 and b≈−0.55 are the fitting parameters. This equation was used to generate the estimated numbers of mitochondria per cell listed in table 2."
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