Stereological data of a mitochondrial pellicle preparation

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Organism Rat Rattus norvegicus
Reference Schwerzmann K, Cruz-Orive LM, Eggman R, Sänger A, Weibel ER. Molecular architecture of the inner membrane of mitochondria from rat liver: a combined biochemical and stereological study. J Cell Biol. 1986 Jan102(1):97-103. p.100 table IPubMed ID2867101
Method Abstract: "The molecular structure of mitochondria and their inner membrane has been studied using a combined approach of stereology and biochemistry."
Comments P.99 right column 2nd paragraph: "As an example, Table I lists the mean stereological data obtained from five pellicles of a mitochondrial preparation. Since mitochondria sediment quantitatively on the filter (ref 3) and the preparation is virtually free of nonmitochondrial material (Fig. 2 a), stereological data could be referred directly to the mass of protein in the pellicle. These values averaged over three preparations of either condensed or orthodox mitochondria (ref 18) are given in Table II." See note beneath table
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