The chemical composition of a young and vegetative maize plant with fractions expressed on a dry weight basis

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Organism Corn Zea mays
Reference Penning de Vries FW, Brunsting AH, van Laar HH. Products, requirements and efficiency of biosynthesis: a quantitative approach. J Theor Biol. 1974 Jun45(2):339-77 p.357 table 3PubMed ID4367755
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Comments P.357 bottom paragraph: "The effect of various values of tool maintenance on the yield of conversion of 1 g glucose into “nitrogenous compounds” (for its chemical composition, see Table 3) and the amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide involved in this process are given in Fig. 2(a)." P.360 bottom paragraph: "Variables Characterizing Biosynthesis: Growth results from synthesis of mixtures of compounds-The amount of glucose and intermediates required for biosynthesis of plant dry matter may be calculated from its chemical composition, an example of which is given in Table 3, using data of Table 2."
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