Population structure of the uncultured fecal viral community as determined by mathematical modeling

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Breitbart M et al., Metagenomic analyses of an uncultured viral community from human feces. J Bacteriol. 2003 Oct185(20):6220-3 DOI: 10.1128/jb.185.20.6220-6223.2003 p.6223 table 2PubMed ID14526037
Method Abstract: "Here [investigators] present the first metagenomic analyses of an uncultured viral community from human feces, using partial shotgun sequencing."
Comments P.6222 right column top paragraph: "Using these assumptions, and an average fragment size of 699 bp, [investigators] calculated that the viral community contained ~1,200 genotypes. The most abundant virus made up ~4% of the total (Table 2). The nonparametric estimator Chao1 predicted 162 genotypes for this population (refs 3, 6). Effects of varying the average genome size on the model predictions are shown in Table 2." See notes beneath table
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