Ratio between anaerobic bacteria and Escherichia coli in the bowel (most probably of humans)

Range 100-10,000 anaerobic bacterial cells/E. coli cell
Organism Unspecified
Reference Tenaillon O, Skurnik D, Picard B, Denamur E. The population genetics of commensal Escherichia coli. Nat Rev Microbiol. 2010 Mar8(3):207-17. doi: 10.1038/nrmicro2298 p.207 right column top paragraphPubMed ID20157339
Primary Source [6] Berg RD. The indigenous gastrointestinal microflora. Trends Microbiol. 1996 Nov4(11):430-5PubMed ID8950812
Comments P.207 right column top paragraph: "Although the anaerobic bacteria in the bowel outnumber E. coli by 100/1 to 10,000/1 (primary source), E. coli is the predominant aerobic organism in the gastrointestinal tract." Primary source p.432 right column top paragraph: "Thus, obligate anaerobes (e.g. Bacteroidis fragilis) are 100- to 1000- fold more numerous than facultative anaerobes (e.g. Escherichia coli and other coliforms), the organisms commonly cultured as indicators of human fecal contamination."
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