(Constant) doubling time across CO2 concentration range of 5%–0.05%

Value 10 hours
Organism Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Reference Peter Vance and Martin H Spalding, Growth, photosynthesis, and gene expression in Chlamydomonas over a range of CO2 concentrations and CO2/O2 ratios: CO2 regulates multiple acclimation states, Canadian Journal of Botany, 2005, 83(7): 796-809, link p.799 right column bottom paragraph
Method Abstract: "Growth, photosynthesis, and induction of two low CO2-inducible genes of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Dangeard strain CC125 were quantified in a range of physiologically relevant CO2 and O2 concentrations (5%-0.005% CO2 and 20% or 2% O2) using airlift bioreactors to facilitate the simultaneous measurement of both growth and in situ photosynthetic rates." P.798 right column 2nd paragraph: "The liquid cultures were used to inoculate two Kontes Cytolift bioreactors (Fisher Scientific, Hanover Park, Illinois), each containing 670 mL minimal liquid medium at 25°C, 150 μE of continuous light, and a gas flow rate of 0.34 L/min sparged through a metal rod filter protruding from the base of the bioreactor into the liquid medium."
Comments P.799 right column bottom paragraph: "The cell doubling time over 52 h of growth was constant at 10 h for C. reinhardtii CC125 across the CO2 concentration range of 5%–0.05% (Fig. 2)." P.800 left column bottom paragraph: "Even though the doubling time was the same through the 5%–0.05% CO2 concentration range, the relative growth, as judged by percentage of control (5% CO2 – 20% O2) cell density over the 12- to 52-h range (Fig. 1), of cultures grown at CO2 concentrations below 0.3% CO2 decreased as the CO2 concentration decreased."
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