Fundemental frequency of oscillation of light-emitting bacteria

Value 8 cycles/sec
Organism bacteria
Reference Haas E. Bioluminescence from single bacterial cells exhibits no oscillation. Biophys J. 1980 Sep31(3):301-12 DOI: 10.1016/S0006-3495(80)85060-0 p.301 bottom paragraphPubMed ID6973368
Primary Source [6] Berzhanskaia LIu, Gitel'zon II, Fish AM, Chumakova RI, Shapiro VE. [Bioluminescence of bacteria-a rhythmic process].[Article in Russian] Biofizika. 1973 Mar-Apr18(2):285-92PubMed ID4701438
Comments P.301 bottom paragraph: "More recently, there have been reports of periodicity in light emission from bacteria (primary source, ref 7). In the former publication (primary source), light emission from several (5-10) cells was measured in a photon counter at a limiting resolution of 2 ms. By using time correlation, it was deduced that there was an oscillation with a fundamental frequency of 8 cycles/s, thus a peak about every 0.125 s."
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