Transit time of thymidine molecule from basal to granular epidermis

Range mouse ~4.5: guinea pig 8 Table - link days
Organism Rodent
Reference Potten CS, Saffhill R, Maibach HI. Measurement of the transit time for cells through the epidermis and stratum corneum of the mouse and guinea-pig. Cell Tissue Kinet. 1987 Sep20(5):461-72 abstract and p.469 figure 5PubMed ID3450396
Method Abstract: "A new approach to determine the transit time through the epidermis is presented, involving a gentle washing of the skin surface to collect the loosely attached surface corneocytes. This, it is believed, will be less likely to stimulate the system than tape-stripping or scraping. Radioactively labelled thymidine and iododeoxyuridine have been used to label cells in the basal layer and various labelled amino acids (glycine, cystine and methionine) have been used to label the metabolically viable cell layers (up to and including the granular layer)."
Comments Abstract: "The basal to granular layer transit time, which probably includes some basal layer residence time, is about 4.5 days in the mouse and 8 days in the guinea-pig." P.469 figure 5: Range for mouse is 4-5 days
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