Dimensions (assuming cell shape to be a prolate ellipsoid)

Range a=0.25µm: b=0.1µm µm
Organism Tetrahymena thermophila
Reference Jauker F, Lades S, Nowack T. The energy budget of Tetrahymena and the material fluxes into and out of the adenylate pool. Exp Cell Res. 1986 Sep166(1):161-70 p.169 2nd paragraphPubMed ID3743653
Comments P.169 2nd paragraph: "If a Tetrahymena cell is considered to be a prolate ellipsoid (a=2.5×10^-5 cm, b=1×10^-5 cm) swimming at a constant velocity of v=6×10^-2 cm/sec (this equals the mean velocity as measured by Nelsen & Debault [49]) then its power of propulsion is only 10^-6 erg/sec."
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