Magnesium (Mg) homeostasis with age

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Barbagallo M, Belvedere M, Dominguez LJ. Magnesium homeostasis and aging. Magnes Res. 2009 Dec22(4):235-46. doi: 10.1684/mrh.2009.0187 p.236 figure 1PubMed ID20228001
Comments P.235 left column: "Although the Mg stored in the bone is not easily exchanged, the age-related reduction of bone mass is associated to a reduction of total body mineral and Mg content (figure 1). Despite its importance, there is still insufficient information available regarding the distribution and turnover of exchangeable Mg in humans. There is a lot of variability in Mg intake, absorption, conservation and excretion. Alterations of Mg metabolism that have been associated to aging include a reduction of Mg intake and intestinal absorption, and an increase of Mg urinary and fecal excretion (figure 1), all these changes indicating a tendency to a Mg deficit with aging."
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