Mean (SD) of age and semen parameters by selected characteristics

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Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Eskenazi B, Wyrobek AJ, Sloter E, Kidd SA, Moore L, Young S, Moore D. The association of age and semen quality in healthy men. Hum Reprod. 2003 Feb18(2):447-54. p.449 table 1PubMed ID12571189
Comments "As shown in Table I, older age was associated with prior tobacco use (none smoked cigarettes during the previous 6 months), increased duration of sexual abstinence, and ever having had high blood pressure. Age was unrelated to time between collection and sample processing, alcohol use, body mass or history of urinary tract infection. Some 64% of the men had fathered children earlier in life and as expected, men with proven fertility were older than men with unproven fertility (50.6 versus 39.0 years P = 0.001 data not shown)."
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