Production & division rate estimates integrated over the water column at the equator in the Pacific

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Organism Cyanobacteria Prochlorococcus spp.
Reference Vaulot D, Marie D, Olson RJ, Chisholm SW. Growth of prochlorococcus, a photosynthetic prokaryote, in the equatorial pacific ocean. Science. 1995 Jun 9 268(5216):1480-2. DOI: 10.1126/science.268.5216.1480 p.1481 table 1PubMed ID17843668
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Comments P.1481 right column bottom paragraph: "The use of an estimate for the intracellular carbon content of Prochlorococcus allowed [investigators] to calculate Prochlorococcus's daily integrated production rate, which varied between 174 and 488 mg of C/m^2/day (Table 1). This estimate is probably closer to gross than net production because, although it does not include assimilated carbon that is excreted as dissolved organic carbon, it incorporates carbon that is later recycled through grazers. Prochlorococcus accounted for 13 to 48% of total net production measured by 14C (Table 1) and for 5 to 19% of total gross production (primary source 18). This contribution was much higher under warm El Nino (more oligotrophic) conditions, because total production was lower and Prochlorococcus biomass (and therefore production) was higher." See notes beneath table
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