Some quantitative aspects of 'model' freshwater micro-agal cells

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Organism Algae
Reference John A Raven. The energetics of freshwater algae energy requirements for biosynthesis and volume regulation, New Phytologist, Volume 92, Issue 1 September 1982 Pages 1–20 DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.1982.tb03358.x p.4 table 1
Comments P.4 bottom paragraph: "Some basic assumptions and their justification: [Investigators] deal with spherical cells with radii of 5 and 10µm these cells have surface areas of 314 and 1257µm^2, and volumes of 524 and 4189µm^3 respectively (Table 1 cf. the range of cell volumes for freshwater walled and wall-less phytoplankton algae quoted by Sicko-Goad, Stoemer and Ladewski, 1977). These cells are essentially non-vacuolate (cf. Sicko-Goad et al., 1977 Raven, 1980) [they] posit a dry (organic) wt of the cells of 0.25 that of the wet wt (i.e. 250kg×m^-3 if the specific gravity of the cells is 1 Mg×m^-3), and a C content of the cells which is half of the organic wt (Table 1). The corresponding dry wt and C contents are given in Table 1, as in the N content for a C/N molar ratio of 7."
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