Predicted minimum, maximum, and optimum growth temperatures for 12 bacterial cultures

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Organism bacteria
Reference Ratkowsky DA, Lowry RK, McMeekin TA, Stokes AN, Chandler RE. Model for bacterial culture growth rate throughout the entire biokinetic temperature range. J Bacteriol. 1983 Jun154(3):1222-6. p.1223 table 2PubMed ID6853443
Primary Source [4] Mohr PW, Krawiec S. Temperature characteristics and Arrhenius plots for nominal psychrophiles, mesophiles and thermophiles. J Gen Microbiol. 1980 Dec121(2):311-7.PubMed ID7264599
Comments P.1223 left column:"In addition to [investigators'] original growth curves (Table 1), [they] also used the previously published data of Mohr and Krawiec (primary source) for 12 strains of bacteria (Table 2) and the previously published data of Reichardt and Morita (ref 7) for a psychrotrophic strain of Cytophaga johnsonae (Table 3 [BNID 112406])." P.1224 right column 2nd paragraph:"The results for the fit of equation 2 to the original data for 16 cultures are shown in Table 1 [BNID 112404] and Fig. 1. The results for 12 additional cultures with the data of Mohr and Krawiec (primary source) are given in Table 2 and Fig. 2, and the results for a strain of C. johnsonae are given in Table 3 and Fig. 3."
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