Predicted minimum, maximum, and optimum growth temperatures

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Organism Bacteria Cytophaga johnsonae
Reference Ratkowsky DA, Lowry RK, McMeekin TA, Stokes AN, Chandler RE. Model for bacterial culture growth rate throughout the entire biokinetic temperature range. J Bacteriol. 1983 Jun154(3):1222-6. p.1224 table 3PubMed ID6853443
Primary Source [7] Wolfgang Reichardt, Richard Y. Morita, Temperature Characteristics of Psychrotrophic and Psychrophilic Bacteria, Microbiology, March 1982 128: 565-568, doi: 10.1099/00221287-128-3-565 link
Comments P.1224 right column 2nd paragraph:"The results for the fit of equation 2 to the original data for 16 cultures are shown in Table 1 [BNID 112404] and Fig. 1. The results for 12 additional cultures with the data of Mohr and Krawiec (ref 4) are given in Table 2 [BNID 112405] and Fig. 2, and the results for a strain of C. johnsonae are given in Table 3 and Fig. 3."
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